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Zuma Guest Policy

  1. We are open every day from 11 AM to 1 AM.
  2. Admission to the Restaurant is free of charge.
  3. Table reservations can be done by phone, online at or though Zuma Delivery app.
  4. Reservations for parties of 10+ require a deposit of RUB 1,500 per person. This is the ‘minimum spend’ amount. The deposit must be paid at least one day before the visit. A 10+ group reservation will be secured only after the required amount has been prepaid in full. The payment can be made in cash, by card, online at or by giving us your card details.
  5. Automatic 10% service charge will be applied to all parties of ten persons and above.
  6. Making a reservation will secure you a table. If a guest fails to show up within 15 minutes from the booking time without warning the table will be given to other guests.
  7. Guests are provided with complimentary three hours at our own parking lot. Please show your receipt to a parking attendant when driving away.
  8. There is a cloakroom on the Restaurant ground floor where you can leave your outdoor garments and then proceed to the dining area.
  9. Free Wi-Fi is available in all areas.
  10. We will be happy to cook any item not listed on the menu for you provided we have all necessary ingredients and enough time at hand.
  11. Zuma team treats every guest with respect and relies on being treated the same way.
  12. We tend to safety and security of our guests and will appreciate if your personal guard stays outside of the Restaurant premises.
  13. Guests with kids are always welcome however, we kindly ask you to observe the social etiquette and make sure that your kids do not shout, run around or otherwise disturb other guests.
  14. Smoking is not allowed in Zuma, including IQOS or other legally permitted tobacco products. You may smoke in the specially designated area outdoors. We will always offer you a warm cloak for your comfort when you go outside to smoke.
  15. We care about wellbeing and health of our guests so our manager may stop serving liquor at any time as he sees fit and help you get home safely.
  16. We have an extensive bar menu and our sommelier is always available to help you make the right choice. It is not allowed to bring outside liquor or other drinks to Zuma.
  17. We have our own pastry department and will be happy to make a delicious and fresh cake for you. Any outside cakes brought by your guests as a present will be refrigerated and handed over back to you when you leave.
  18. The charge for extending our opening hours is RUB 700,000 per hour for Zuma Restaurant and RUB 50,000 per hour for Zuma Karaoke. The manager reserves the right to deny the extension.
  19. We have an exquisite and expensive interior at Zuma. In the event any material damage is caused to the Restaurant the manager may include a compensation amount to the guest’s bill as per the Damage Charge List available in the Guest Information Folder.

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